Wheel Chocks

FALCON Traffic Management System - Wheel Chocks

Sizes Available (mm)


Falcon Rubber Wheel Chocks are designed to restrain parked vehicles from accidentally moving, this preventing damage to life and property.

And other areas where traffic calming is considered necessary for pedestrian and traffic safety

Product Features

  • UV, moisture and temperature resistant

  • Lighter and less noisy when being lifted and dropped at wheel of the vehicle

  • Comes attached with a steel rope anchored in the rubber to ease lifting


  • Ease of handling

  • Resists damage

  • Lessens worker fatigue

In addition, we supply rubber, plastic and polyurethane products for industrial, marine and other application such as fenders for:

  • Docks

  • Boats

  • Mats

  • Sheets

  • Grabbing Pads

  • Tile Molds

  • Mounting and anti-vibration products

  • Grommets, Gaskets and pulleys

We also rubber linings/coatings of pipes, fittings and tanks as well as specialize in mild steel, stainless steel and plastic custom-designed products.