Speed Humps

FALCON Traffic Safety System - Speed Hump

Sizes Available (mm)


Falcon Rubber Speed Humps are traffic management devices designed to reduce vehicle speeds to under 30 km/h. Locations considered for the Speed Hump installation include:

  • School Zones

  • Pedestrian Crossings

  • Residential Areas

  • Playground Areas

  • Hospital Compound

  • Shopping centers

  • Vehicle Testing Centers

  • Construction Zones and Traffic Detours

  • Gas/Service Stations

  • Warehouse Complex

And other areas where traffic calming is considered necessary for pedestrian and traffic safety

Product Features

  • Available in black and yellow colours for greater visibility

  • UV, moisture and temperature resistant

  • Design provides flexibility to suit any size of road

  • Easy Installation

  • Relocatable and reusable

  • 50mm high slows speeds to 20-30 km/h

  • 75mm high slows to speeds to 10-20 km/h


Easy and fast installation and removal for one person using basic tools. Uniform and consistent profile which is difficult to achieve with asphalt speed humps. Flexibility of the rubber permits easy conformance of the road. Resists damage to vehicles. Customization of length to meet specific location needs.