FALCON Impact Protection System - Fenders (D-Fenders and Block Fenders)

Sizes Available D-Fender (mm)

Sizes Available Block Fender (mm)


Falcon Rubber manufacture and supply a variety of fenders in various shapes and sizes for sue on masonry needing protection from heavy duty impact. Docks, marinas, loading bays, walls and equipment within factories and warehouses, building service areas, and parking/garage walls are some of the locations where these products provide protection from impact damage and abuse.

  • The D-Fender has a collapsible bulb-shaped design for cushioning and absorbing impact energy, with minimum jarring

  • The Black Fender with its rectangular profile provides an large, flat contact area to absorb impact at varying heights, and with very low deflection

Product Features

  • Available in various sizes and lengths

  • Moisture, temperature and abrasion resistant

  • Available with galvanized iron (GI) or aluminum retainer for installation, or fixing with adhesive

  • Quick installation


Protects and preserves masonry and other surfaces. Maintenance free, strong and resistant to impact, resists damage to equipment, vehicles, etc. Simple and easy to install for two people.