Corner Guards

FALCON Impact Protection System - Corner Guard

Sizes Available (mm)


Falcon Rubber Corner Guards are building protection products designed to protect corners of columns and masonry from impacts and jolts in industrial and commercial buildings. Locations considered for Corner Guard installation are storage spaces, car/parking garages and loading docks where they provide maximum protection against collision and abrasion.

Product Features

  • Available in various sizes and lengths

  • Moisture and temperature resistant

  • Available with galvanized iron (GI) or aluminum retainer for installation, or fixing with adhesive

  • Design allows for installation of the product without the need to cover up fixing materials, as the product itself will cover those materials

  • Quick installation


Protects and preserves exposed corners of columns and other masonry. Reduces maintenance costs. Strong and resistant to impact, resists damage to vehicles. Maintenance - free, simple and easy to install for one person. Length customizable based on quantity.